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Come Prepared!

A lot goes into making a monument not only beautiful, but also accurate and unique. From start to finish, the process of having a moument made can be time consuming.

We are here to help you every step of the way.

Visit Our Showroom!

We invite you to visit the Waco area's largest indoor and outdoor display of monuments

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Choosing the right headstone doesn't have to be intimidating.

Call Us Today!

As the leading memorialist and monument designers in Central Texas, we will be happy to answer any and all of your questions. We can guide you through the process of selecting a monument that will stand as an honorable tribute and lasting work of art.

Welcome to Phipps Memorial

We specialize in building unique memorials for cemeteries, gardens and public locations. Each design request is different and we will strive to build your memorial with creativity, sensitivity and precise attention to detail.

Memorialization is the art of commemorating the lives of those loved, revered and respected. A memorial is more than just marking a grave. It is there to be a tangible representation of a life lived.

Your experience with Phipps Memorial is a seamless one. Our experienced team of monument designers coordinates the design, delivery and installation of your memorial. Our design consultants will contact the cemetery on your behalf to ensure that your memorial arrives safely and meets all cemetery requirements. This means you get reliable, quality service every time.

You deserve nothing less than outstanding customer service, excellent design and trustworthy manufacturing when creating the perfect memorial.

About Us

Our company has been producing monuments in the Central Texas area since 1939 and is still a family owned and operated facility. At Phipps Memorial we offer high quality stones and custom art second to none! We believe you and your loved ones deserve the very best we offer. Please consider letting our family serve yours.

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